The Importance of Matching Your Underwear

The Importance of Matching Your Underwear

The Importance of Matching Your UnderwearThere are certain rules that you need to follow when it comes to fashion. While some of them are more obvious, others are more subtle. One of those is matching your socks to your underwear to ensure that you’re looking your best at all times.

The safe choice

When it comes to underwear, the safe choice is always going to be to opt for black. Black socks go with almost anything and when matched with underwear, will give you a very classic look. It also requires minimal thought to give you one less thing to think about in the morning.

Black will also give you the freedom to match unconnected garments. You would be able to choose any of the black underwear that you have and pick up any black socks. It’s a safe choice but perhaps it could also be seen as the lazy choice.

Matching colors

There are many color options out there and getting a match will show that you take pride in your appearance. Even if you opt for mainly black socks, there might be a banding of color on the top or the toe which you would then match with your underwear.

Considering most situations call for a black sock, this can make creativity difficult. There are other options, however, such as dark navy or grey where you would also be able to match the colors together for a striking look.

Avoid the huge mistakes

It seems obvious, but you always need to make sure your socks match. Those tired eyes might struggle to tell the difference between different shades of grey but make sure you don’t make such a mistake. The fit is also vital too as you don’t want to spend all day pulling your socks up.

A quick sock inspection is always a good idea too. There aren’t many things that say a lack of pride in your appearance quite like socks with holes in them. Avoiding such embarrassment is an easy but very important step.

Easy to get right

When it comes to men’s fashion, matching your socks and underwear is one thing that’s hard to get wrong. Wearing white socks with dark underwear isn’t the greatest look and a quick look in the mirror will usually tell you all that you need to know.

If you’re not out to impress then you can be a little more laid back with your fashion choices. If there’s a chance that someone might see you in your underwear, making sure they match is going to be important to ensure you’re making the right impression.