What Type of Underwear Men Find the Most Comfortable?

What Type of Underwear Men Find the Most Comfortable?

What Type of Underwear Men Find the Most Comfortable?While you may care about the color of your underwear or how they look, there is nothing more important than how comfortable they are. Here we look at our survey results on which underwear men find most comfortable.


When it comes to comfort, trunks don’t rank very highly on the list at all. The elongated briefs aren’t the most popular type of underwear with many people preferring other types. The low percentage in the survey might also indicate the lack of popularity that they have.

Other types of underwear are a lot more popular and therefore it might be the case that many people haven’t tried them. Regardless, they are seen as the worst option and therefore if you want the ultimate in comfort, then it’s probably going to be the best idea to avoid briefs.


Briefs have declined in popularity in the last few decades are they are seen as unstylish and not very comfortable either. There are still a lot of men who prefer them but their popularity seems to be dwindling even further.

It’s also been found that women see this as the least sexy option out there on the market and if you wanted to impress, this underwear isn’t for you. While some people will be happy to stick by heir humble briefs, more men are moving away from them.


It’s unsurprising that boxers take a high percentage here with nearly a third of the vote. They are loose and aren’t going to be too restrictive. Many men prefer the loose feel that they have from boxers and find them a lot more comfortable.

For many men, it’s like the difference between wearing jeans and jogging bottoms. Not having that restrictive clothing enables you to have more movement and freedom. This is great for some, others find the clothing to simply be too loose.

Boxer briefs

What Type of Underwear Men Find the Most Comfortable?

The winner with the majority of the vote is boxer briefs. For many men, they are the best of all worlds. As all men know, your bits can move around a lot down there and having them contained in boxer briefs is more comfortable than loose in boxers.

The 95% cotton and 5% spandex mix that you find in boxer briefs strikes the perfect balance. You are able to have the soft material of cotton but with the tightness, that spandex can give you. That allows you to have a snug fit but not too restrictive which makes them the winners in comfort.

Find your perfect comfort

As we have seen here, there isn’t a huge difference between the popularity of the top three options. A lot of men haven’t tried all the types that you can get and if that includes you, it’s a good idea to branch out. It’s a matter of personal preference and you won’t know your true preference if you’ve not tried them all.

This is especially the case if you haven’t ever worn boxer briefs. They have proven to be the most comfortable option and have been the clear winners here. If you’ve never thought to try them before, maybe it’s time to truly find out what you find the most comfortable.